Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka- the Tear Drop Island, the Perl of the Indian Ocean. Whether you want to experience the misty mountain tops, lush tea plantations, sandy beaches, Safari and stunning campsites, in Sri Lanka you can indulge in it all. Sri Lanka, a land rich in history, has so much to be discovered and experienced. Our little island is a dream for the traveler that wishes to explore authentic beauty, a rich lineage, and the friendliest faces.

Sri Lanka is well known for its Buddhist pilgrimage. Legend has it that the iconic footprint on Adam’s Peak, one of Sri Lanka’s most renowned sites, is Buddha’s. Explore Sigiriya, otherwise known as Lion’s Rock; and the historic ruins of an ancient stronghold that was built in the 5th century. A history that traces to the beginning of time, Sri Lanka is a land full of beauty and complexity. Lose yourself in Sri Lanka’s diverse wildlife. From flora to fauna, Sri Lanka is home to a multitude of species endemic to Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan jungles are home to wild Elephants, leopards, Sloth Bears, Crocodiles and our oceans are home to variety of turtles, dolphins and whales. In Sri Lanka, you’ll never seize to be amazed.

The Vedda’s- the indigenous Sri Lankan, are a minority in Sri Lanka are unfortunately becoming extinct. It is presumed that the Vedda are the earliest inhabitants of Sri Lanka and have survived on this little island since before the arrival of Prince Vijaya from India in 5th Century BC. The modern people of Sri Lanka are a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic people; the history of colonization has left its mark on our teardrop-shaped island.

The film, music, architecture, and even food is a testament to Sri Lankan culture; a culture rooted in history and tradition. Sri Lanka identifies with customs and rituals that date back to over 2000 years. Traditional local festivals have become a popular tourist attraction in the country, and it is important to note that Buddhist culture plays a significant role in these festivals. The Sri Lankan way of life is very simple and filled with modesty, and the simple pleasure life has to offer.

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