National Parks

National Parks

One of the smallest biologically diverse countries in Asia, list by conservation international as one of the world’s 34 official “Biodiversity hotspots”, Srilanka is indeed a country that is much alive & kicking.

As one of her primary tropical rainforests, the Sinharaja forest reserve is considered to be the 7th UNESCO world heritage site with a high proportion of endemic species (51). Deep – routed conservation ethics and respect for all living things in evident in how she preserves the world’s oldest wilderness protected area, Udawattakele sanctuary in Kandy. With 12 national parks and 52 sanctuaries, Srilanka is truly a startling multiplicity of physical features of wildlife.

Our national parks are home to 92 types of mammals (16 Endemic) such as the Elephant, leopard, sloth bear, sambur, spotted dear, giant squirrel, macaque, purple –faced leaf eater, civet cat, mouse and barking dear, porcupine, ant-eater and greylangur. Yala National park is believed to have the world’s highest concentration of leopards, Udawalawe national Park & Minneriya National park are famous for elephants with latter boasting of the farmed “gathering” by the water during the dry season.

Srilanka is also one of the best places for whale watching. Particularly blue whales, sperm whales, killer whales, pilot whales and dolphins, often spotted in Mirissa along the southern cost while 5 of the 7 turtle species frequent north-western cost.

With over 233 bird species (33 endemic), 171 reptile species, 244 butterfly species and 120 dragonfly species, this island is definitely a wealthy home for the wild